Cloughanover Castle – First of 2014

Stage 1- Cloughanover CastleMy first drawing of 2014 was of a local castle ruin, just outside Headford in County Galway (where I live). It is Cloughanover Castle which is just beside the wonderful Campbell’s Tavern. I am showing three stages in the drawing, following my usual aim of showing the process as well as the piece.


Stage 2 - Cloughanover CastleThe image above is about halfway through. I have the whole structure defined, and am just working it in.


Finished - Cloughanover Castle

This is the final image. As you can see I added the wall which was just impossible to avoid. It is actually worth focusing on the wall for a minute as it is what I see as wrong with the picture – I was happy with the castle and just wanted to be finished, so rushed it. I feel it takes from the overall image, as the fine detail I added to the castle is muted a little with the wall. I guess I am my own worst critic, but there ye go.