Leo in hat

Leo in sun-hat

I have two sons, and love to draw them as it gives me a chance to be with them while I am having ‘me’ time too. I hope the collection of drawings will be nice for them to have in future years to look back on and perhaps remind them f the times we share now in their childhoods. This one is of my son Leo, wearing a sunhat and holding some tools for a sand pit that he was playing at. I was doing it to think about how I might paint him – finding a suitable point to crop and work out the placement of his head on the overall canvas or page. As you can probably tell, it was too high here.

Drawing a simple outline sketch like the one shown here is a very helpful way to plan the composition of a more detailed work – you do not have to invest hours of work to know if it will work, and I find that the mistakes you make at this point such as wrong proportions serve as a warning when you prepare to embark on a more complex or detailed version. I really recommend any sketcher or artist to never rush into trying to create a finished artwork. First explore the subject, explore the light, the colours, and of course the composition. Look at the different sketches you put together and decide what elements you like from each and then try another sketch combining those. Then you can focus on creating what you want to end up with, rather than trying to find that out along the way.

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