Fresh kill

Fresh kill in Kwandwe

Fresh kill


I was lucky enough to get married on safari in South Africa, in Kwandwe to be precise. Because of this we had the unusual experience of going out for a dawn trek on safari on the morning of our wedding day. While out we came across a cheetah dripping in perspiration, just after taking down a wildebeest. Here I drew from a set of photo I took where he is dragging it into cover away from some warthogs who were passing. I drew it with a fine-liner pen on watercolour paper as I like the firmness of the paper, how it soaks up the ink and how the texture affects the line when drawing.

Below is one in the series of photos I took to make the drawing from. Magnificent animal. I feel very lucky to have seen him in action in his natural habitat. What a wonderful start to our married life together. And it has only gotten better and better since.


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