New Delhi watercolor

India – New Delhi street scene

I was fortunate enough to travel to India with work, and got to see some of this wonderful country. One of the biggest shocks to the system for someone who lives a number of miles away from the nearest village or town was how crowded and bustling India is, or at least the city of New Delhi is anyhow. There are people everywhere, there are shops in doorways, cafes in basements serving out through windows just above ground level. Every inch is made use of, and everything is in perpetual motion. It is amazing to see.

The next most striking feature of India is the colours. While there is dusty browns from the dry clay, and the stone that is so different to that of Ireland, everyone is wearing bright colours, and colours have such meaning to Indians that the choices are far different to those of Ireland and western countries that I would be more used to.

This sketch is of a street in New Delhi that has a series of different churches temples and mosques, all side by side, representing the diversity of India.

Hartel & Rising Sun - by Andy Madigan

Hartel & Rising Sun

Hartel & Rising Sun - by Andy Madigan

I did this drawing/watercolour back in May while staying with my in-laws in Philadelphia. They have a lovely porch I was sitting out on in the sun. and I drew this view of the junction down the road. The style of houses over in the US is so different to here in Ireland, and even the perimeter of peoples plots were defined differently. Add to that the different trees and colours and it’s a whole new world.

For me the biggest new past of the experience was how the light was great in the sun there, and the heat dried the watercolours so fast I could add new washes in minutes, or in some cases seconds. Really great for speed, but it took getting used to, to be working fast before a stroke dried and put a rim on a brushstroke.