Leon Bonnat

Leon Bonnat

There isn’t a lot I can say about this sketch, other than I was passing a few spare minutes one evening. I was looking through an art book and saw the painting of Leon Bonnet that this is based on.

I’ve commented a few times about the importance of not aiming for an artwork every time you sketch – it is about practice, exploration, experimentation and for me also very much around relaxing my mind. For those reasons, I am not embarrassedĀ to post this. Yes, I am well aware of the mistakes and inaccuracies; it isn’t posted as an example of high art though, just a lot in a sketching and drawing journey.

Drawing of boy with cars

A different approach

I posted a picture of this scene before, but in that used a wide range of watercolour colours. In this, I was keeping it far stricter to explore the key areas. It is a method I use to really get deeper into a picture. By removing different parts, such as colour, it is possible to focus on one aspect to see where you are going right or wrong. After the focus, it is easy to go back and bring in the missing element. The key is to not get too stale when re-drawing or painting the same scene.

Little girl holding balloon drawing

Young girl with a balloon



This sketch is of my daughter, with a different angle to usual – I naturally am mostly drawing faces but with this she had her back turned and was lit from the opposite side – I was facing the light. I drew the balloon in negative space as it was a more dramatic aspect, and allowed for the lightness of the balloon to be conveyed also.

It is a sketch that was meant to be a few second rough to paint from later, but as happens to me so often I ended up spending longer and longer building it up. I do still hope to paint it at some point. Time will tell if I ever get around to that. For now at least I have this sketch to remember the moment.


Ashford Castle

Getting started – Ashford Castle

I am just getting going on a new picture of Ashford Castle up the road from me in Cong. It reminds me of mechanical drawing back in secondary school trying to get all the proportions right. I hope this one works out – I’ve tried drawing the castle a number of times but none have worked too well. Naturally, I’ll be posting more as I go along. Fingers crossed.