If you haven’t figured out – this is a site of drawings, and they are by me – Andy Madigan. The site is really somewhere for me to store all my drawings, allowing me and the general public (OK, a handful of friends and family maybe) to view them, see my notes on them and leave comments.

Over the years I have redone the site a lot of times. I am still undecided on the current theme, but expect I will stay with WordPress for the moment. I am able to write my own code to modify, and it’s such a stable platform I barely even need to do that. Nice one WordPress.

This site is not a gallery of excellence – quite the opposite. I am putting everything up, good or bad. This is more interesting to me, to show the process of drawing, the bad, the ugly and hopefully sometimes the good too. I hope over time that my own style will show through, and the quality will improve. Even if not, I enjoy drawing so will continue. If I am lucky some other artists will pick up some tips from my notes, avoid mistakes I have made by seeing my failings, and maybe even get some inspiration from my ideas and interpretation of what I see.

If you find find anything I write on this site interesting, or of course like the drawings, be sure to leave a comment so I know. Even if it is a comment on what I’ve done wrong it is all appreciated. And of course if the advertisements on the different pages interest you clicking on those will help fund my web hosting, and my lavish artistic lifestyle.



Art is my passion, and I have studied fine art printmaking in art college. That was a fair while ago now, and I have worked in a range of technology jobs since – starting as a graphic designer in a software company and moving more and more into the technical side since. Currently I work entirely on the technical side of the fence. That actually works well as it is hard to go to work and be creative as a designer (for example) and then come home and be creative for yourself as an artist. As things are, I have a good balance.

Originally from Dublin, I have lived here in County Galway, Ireland, out in the countryside near Lough Corrib for over tenyears now. I am married with a wonderful wife, and three adorable children. All have to suffer being my models and so feature in the drawings on this site, as does my surrounding landscape, the lake and the animals in the fields near my house.



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