Ashford Castle

Getting started – Ashford Castle

I am just getting going on a new picture of Ashford Castle up the road from me in Cong. It reminds me of mechanical drawing back in secondary school trying to get all the proportions right. I hope this one works out – I’ve tried drawing the castle a number of times but none have worked too well. Naturally, I’ll be posting more as I go along. Fingers crossed.


Alan Joseph

I am starting to draw my son Alan a bit more now. I am not able to capture him as well as I can his older sister, but with time I am sure I will. The biggest challenges when drawing the very young is first that they keep moving, and secondly that they tend never to face you! It is for that reason that I tend not to do too detailed sketches of babies or toddlers unless I have a photograph for reference.

AJ by his father


Shrimp by Andy Madigan

Something fishy

I am doing a lot of sea-related drawings at the moment. My daughter loves fish, and the aquarium in Galway is her favorite pace right now, so I may end up doing some sea related murals on her bedroom furniture. First off I need a load of source material to work from.

And for that reason, I give you – the shrimp!